What makes KAT truly unique is our experience to match a solution to the most critical of applications. We do this because our Mission Statement demands that we offer the most innovative assembly solutions from all areas of the world and deliver them to you on a local level. With production and quality in mind, we can provide assembly tools in the form of simple hand-held pneumatic tools for torque and material removal all the way to advanced turn-key DC electric tightening systems. We have a deep bench of technical field expertise to support the sales professionals managing your account.

KA Technologies will always use the requirements of the application as the driving factor for a solution. For this reason, we have invested years developing relationships with strong partners that compliment each other so we are never in a position to force recommendations due to a limited portfolio. We provide our customers the equipment, the knowledge, and a sense of urgency to build a better quality product, and maintain a safe environment for their workers.


If you need to lift, move, or place products in your facility, KA Technologies can help. From simple hooks to complex custom designed handling systems, we utilize experience and best practice to tailor a system to fit your specific needs.

Lift assist devices are designed to increase productivity by efficiently maneuvering components for easier assembly. Our constant mission is to provide solutions built around the safety and ergonomic constraints of the operator. We take the necessary extra steps to understand your application, expectations, and goals.

This allows us to install and deliver a device that accomplishes exactly what you want done while reducing the risks of unnecessary worker injuries and hazards. Solving difficult material handling problems is what we do. Out team of professionals is creative, cost conscious, and offers extensive experience in a broad range of industries. We are available to visit your facility and learn first hand about your material handling needs.


KA Technologies' commitment to innovation empowers our organization to offer our customers the latest available assembly technology. By incorporating the latest technology, we are able to successfully implement a comprehensive, paperless, turn-key Poka Yoke solution that is extremely powerful and stable.

Available in single station or plant-wide architecture, this solution provides root cause analysis, and is built to recognize and resolve errors within production processes and immediately correct the error before the product leaves the station.

We offer worker guidance solutions that incorporate visulaization of the process steps and data. We utilize camera control, scan control, and pick-to-light verification to improve quality control of part installation and optimization of processes. By applying these steps we are able to create a birth certificate for each product, thus enabling you to know everything about that product before it leaves the factory.